Monday, January 21, 2013

Atari Punk Console

So I built an Atari Punk Console. It was... fun! 

Finished Atari Punk Console in a Coleman's Mustard Powder can.

Declaration of contents on the back.

Obligatory video.

I based my circuit on these two schematics. Since I only had 555 chips and not a 556 I started with the first schematic but used the 1M Ohm pots from the last one and everything after the 10 uF capacitor. I guess I just liked the sound of the 1 M Ohm pots better. I also added a powerswitch and a LED to indicate ON/OFF.

Circuit schematic found in josh1324 Instructable here.

Circuit schematic found in Collin Cunningham's Make tutorial here.

Breadboarded Circuit. This one uses 10K pots as these were the only ones I had lying around.

Halfway through mounting the circuit on a perfboard ...

... a low quality perfboard. I had alot of issues with pads coming off, well it could be my soldering technique aswell.

A green LED indicating power is on and a anarchy symbol indicating punk is on. Pretty basic ;)

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