Wednesday, January 23, 2013

FTDI shield/jig for stand alone ATmega

Made a Quick n' dirty jig to fit my Sparkfun FT232RL break out board. I found it a tad bit annoying to always having to unplug and flip board to check and double check the connectors when uploading new code to stand alone ATmega projects.

Basically it brings out the VCC, GND, RXD, TXD and DTR (via a 0.1 uF cap) pins to jumper cables. 
I'll probably add some labels later.

One end of the jumper cables permanently soldered to the jig and the other end resting in the perfboard holes.

Under the board is the pretty simple circuit with the oh so important 0.1 uF capacitor that goes between the ATmega reset pin and the FT232RL DTR pin. 

Ready and hooked up to a ATmega328P on a breadboard.

The Sparkfun FT232RL break out board.

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