Saturday, July 7, 2012

A dab of hot glue [UPDATED]

In a rather unsuccessful attempt to interest my two and a half year old in the world of making stuff, I showed her an episode of "Sylvia's super awesome maker show". Instead I learned a neat trick that will solve an issue I haven't yet experienced... well at least it seems like a very good solution to a problem I might have in the future.

Anyway here it is: If you solder for instance, battery wires directly onto a perfboard of some sort. Fixate the connection with a dab of hot glue to ensure that the soldered joint doesn't break due to cable movement.

I added some hot glue to my Arduino Standalone Atmega
but I probably should have done this prior to soldering
some of the nearby components.

It may not look very pretty but it does keep the stress-point
of the cable away from the solder joint.

By the way apparently it's Sylvia's birthday today so congratulations and thank you for the tip!

With my hot glue gun in one hand and a fistful of desire to fixate cables in the other I managed to destroy a potentiometer. I failed to notice a small hole in the potentiometer near the solder tabs and got glue inside the potentiometer, increasing the inertia quite a bit.

Heed my warning and be cautious when glueing!

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