Thursday, March 14, 2013

Solder fume extractor

12 V DC computer fan with grill, filter and a 2.1 mm DC connector. 

Make's Candy tin fume extractor had me pestering friends and coworkers for 40 mm x 40 mm fans for a long time until I finally googled up this picture instead. A bare bones solder fume extractor that I find a lot more appealing than the candy tin version. Even better it delivers more "suck" and I already had a suitable fan.

I might paint it somewhere in the future. I think matte white would look
pretty cool in contrast to the black fan, filter an cable. 

Filter side, yes it's missing one set of nut/bolt/washers.
My idea about using the already rounded corner of the filter
to my advantage turned out as a disadvantage. 

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