Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to start Kazehakase in full screen mode

The long story:
I've been thinking about changing my Digital Picture Frame / Twitter frame to use/be browser instead. Partly to be able to get a useful outlet while practicing PHP-coding but also to be able to use services such as Twitter and Tom Scotts Star Wars weather.

My browser of choice is Kazehakase, a small foot print browser that can use either the Webkit or the Gecko rendering engine. It can handle alot more than Dillo but uses way less resources than Firefox. I found out about Kazehakase while reading the blog of K. Mandla.

However there is a problem. Kazehakase is not a very well documented browser. In it's manual there is a reference to using "Actions" with the browser, but the actions themselves aren't documented. Luckily enough I found out how to start Kazehakase in full screen mode by some trial and error.

The short story:
kazehakase -a "ToggleFullScreen" your_url_here


  1. great, just used this ;) thanks

  2. Great! I'm using kazehakase as a viewer for google streetview on the Nokia N900, and your tip has been very useful...